Midnight Samosa
to-wit to-woo
"This is Spartan 117...
can anybody hear me?"

This is an experimental site.

I'm sick and tired of using tables to lay out my sites (BOORING!), so I'm re-writing my CMS to use CSS layout. God this is hard work.

CSS positioning is basically straightforward, but coming up with a scheme that works in IE, Firefox and Safari...(gee thanks Apple, yet another browser to learn the quirks for...)

Where CSS is concerned, Internet Explorer 6 does not support some of the nicer features that other browsers do, and , frankly IE 7 has been around since november 2006, so there is no excuse to be using it. I'm not going to bother supporting it here.

Why "Midnight Samosa"? - well if you're a real geek, you'll understand. Its late, you've been sitting at the machine for hours, tweaking that image, coding that class, fiddling with the registry, and ... the munchies attack.

Its been hours since you ate, but you're in the zone, don't want to break the flow... whats in the fridge, quick & simple, ahh - that curry from last night - can't be bothered to nuke the curry - the samosas - Perfect!